Wine tasting events: the top reasons why you should try it out

Wine tasting events have been popping up around the city, and it’s great because who doesn’t love trying to complete a tasting of 100 of the best and top quality Italian wines within only a couple of hours?

To say that I know a lot about wines and their distilling methods and aromatic flavours and notes could be far from the truth. However, I am more than happy to drink away, determining the wines that I think have the best flavour, smoothest texture and sweet fruity smell. I even go as far as describing the wines to my friends that I deem to have the least “winey” aftertaste. It’s probably not a term that you want to use in front of the wine conissieur pouring you the tasting sample.

As the night goes on, wine specialists leave their staitions to check out the competition. Meanwhile a number of event goers can be seen helping themselves to the bottle, pouring a s substantial ‘sample’ in their goblet glass. Well you can really blame them when one of the top reasons for many people going to wine tastings in the first place is to get sloshed!

I thoroughly enjoyed eating my may through countless mini arrancini balls that made me think the event was evrn more of a bargain! Not to mention the mini pizzas and chocolate straberries circulating around. The strategy was to find where the waitress was emerging from to grab something before everyone pounced!

Some events are held during the week which some would call inconvenient and others like myself and friends would say – well since when has that ever stopped me!