‘I don’t know what I want do’, says everyone at some stage in their life

Life itself is already an up hill battle without having to choose what kind of career path you want to take,your goals and what you want to accomplish in life.

I am in a stage at the moment where I just don’t know where I should be headed with my job or life for that matter. I’ve searched high and low to find out what it is that makes me tick but I just haven’t seemed to find it yet.

People say that I’m still young and I will figure it out, there is time. But how can we even be sure of that? I often feel like I’m waiting around for someone who is going to tell me one day what I’m good at and what I should pursue. Though I know all well and good that that’s not how it works.

So instead, I go about my usual work day daydreaming about things I might like to do and jobs I might like to try, letting my motor mouth run wild, but never actually actioning anything.

I always feel down when I realise a job  I’d like would take 5 more years of study or includes several skills that will take me forever to master. I am perhaps worried about taking a new path now and investing a lot of time in to something that may not even be for me or not work out. Yet life is about doing things that make us afraid, right?

So I’m stumped. Where do I go from here? Have you guys ever felt like this? Let me know how you delt with this kind of situation.