Hot cross buns this Easter: hit or miss?

I woder why many of still get caught up in the age old tradition of hot cross buns. Aren’t they essentially a ball of raisin toast?

I know what you are thinking, “of course not, there are more raisins with added cinnamon goodness. Not to mention the chocolate flavoured ones!”. Well hang on a minute there, they are pretty close to being exactly the same thing. Or maybe your reading this and it’s the first time you’ve ever heard of them, in which case give them a go and let me know your thoughts!

So why is it that we don’t just eat them all year round? We may as well by the way these buns are marketed these days right after Christmas time. If the demand is there of course they are going to be on shelves. Who are the crazy people buying them so early and why doesn’t anyone have any resistance anymore?

It’s the buns without raisins and the vegan and paleo varieties that get me. Now these are just poking fun at what is a simple festive treat. I can just imagine how the conversation would go at a gathering “oh are your buns paleo Jenny?”, to which I would interupt looking down at at my chest and say, “nah, pretty sure they’re organic!”.

How do you feel about hot cross buns this Easter?



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