‘I don’t know what I want do’, says everyone at some stage in their life

Life itself is already an up hill battle without having to choose what kind of career path you want to take,your goals and what you want to accomplish in life.

I am in a stage at the moment where I just don’t know where I should be headed with my job or life for that matter. I’ve searched high and low to find out what it is that makes me tick but I just haven’t seemed to find it yet.

People say that I’m still young and I will figure it out, there is time. But how can we even be sure of that? I often feel like I’m waiting around for someone who is going to tell me one day what I’m good at and what I should pursue. Though I know all well and good that that’s not how it works.

So instead, I go about my usual work day daydreaming about things I might like to do and jobs I might like to try, letting my motor mouth run wild, but never actually actioning anything.

I always feel down when I realise a job  I’d like would take 5 more years of study or includes several skills that will take me forever to master. I am perhaps worried about taking a new path now and investing a lot of time in to something that may not even be for me or not work out. Yet life is about doing things that make us afraid, right?

So I’m stumped. Where do I go from here? Have you guys ever felt like this? Let me know how you delt with this kind of situation.



Wine tasting events: the top reasons why you should try it out

Wine tasting events have been popping up around the city, and it’s great because who doesn’t love trying to complete a tasting of 100 of the best and top quality Italian wines within only a couple of hours?

To say that I know a lot about wines and their distilling methods and aromatic flavours and notes could be far from the truth. However, I am more than happy to drink away, determining the wines that I think have the best flavour, smoothest texture and sweet fruity smell. I even go as far as describing the wines to my friends that I deem to have the least “winey” aftertaste. It’s probably not a term that you want to use in front of the wine conissieur pouring you the tasting sample.

As the night goes on, wine specialists leave their staitions to check out the competition. Meanwhile a number of event goers can be seen helping themselves to the bottle, pouring a s substantial ‘sample’ in their goblet glass. Well you can really blame them when one of the top reasons for many people going to wine tastings in the first place is to get sloshed!

I thoroughly enjoyed eating my may through countless mini arrancini balls that made me think the event was evrn more of a bargain! Not to mention the mini pizzas and chocolate straberries circulating around. The strategy was to find where the waitress was emerging from to grab something before everyone pounced!

Some events are held during the week which some would call inconvenient and others like myself and friends would say – well since when has that ever stopped me!


Hot cross buns this Easter: hit or miss?

I woder why many of still get caught up in the age old tradition of hot cross buns. Aren’t they essentially a ball of raisin toast?

I know what you are thinking, “of course not, there are more raisins with added cinnamon goodness. Not to mention the chocolate flavoured ones!”. Well hang on a minute there, they are pretty close to being exactly the same thing. Or maybe your reading this and it’s the first time you’ve ever heard of them, in which case give them a go and let me know your thoughts!

So why is it that we don’t just eat them all year round? We may as well by the way these buns are marketed these days right after Christmas time. If the demand is there of course they are going to be on shelves. Who are the crazy people buying them so early and why doesn’t anyone have any resistance anymore?

It’s the buns without raisins and the vegan and paleo varieties that get me. Now these are just poking fun at what is a simple festive treat. I can just imagine how the conversation would go at a gathering “oh are your buns paleo Jenny?”, to which I would interupt looking down at at my chest and say, “nah, pretty sure they’re organic!”.

How do you feel about hot cross buns this Easter?



Why women do makeup on the bus

It’s a toss up between wanting to lose one eye or two.

Well if you’re looking for the real answer, that I can’t help you with. I don;t understand why women can’t get up ten minutes earlier to put their makeup on instead of having to risk looking embarrassed on a bus full of commuters.

I see so many ladies have a subtle look around the bus to see if anyone is watching (yes a whole lot of men in business suits can see you) and then they proceed to grab their mirrors and dangerous tools from their handbags.

To be honest, I can’t tell you that doing your makeup on the bus is going to be your best makeup day of the week. I’d hate to go to work having only mascaraed one eye since the mirror was so small I forgot to look over to the other.

And the amount of frustration of having to wait until the bus stops, to apply that perfect eyeliner line. I can only imagine the disaster when someone standing holding the pole extends their elbow into your eye shaping tools.

So let’s hear it, are you for or against the last minute bus makeup, or are there exceptions?

Don’t do it ladies, save yourself an eye.


About Me, My Motor Mouth

Welcome to My Motor Mouth

Hello MotorMouths!

I’ve been told in the past, and more often recently that I talk too much. It usually goes something like “stop talking”, “please can we have silence”, “shut up” or more directly “i feel sorry for your family”.

Yes it is true, I have issues. I admit, I’m not perfect but as much as I try, nothing will ever change it much to my family’s dismay.

As such, I’ve decided to write it out to whoever wants to listen.

So, if your mouth runs away from your brain at times, or all the time, we’ll get along just fine.

– MyMotorMouth



Skinny genes and why I rock them

I’ve never been interested in diets, food fads, super leaves and cutting out carbs.

This is probably because I was gifted with the skinny gene from birth. Although, I’ve had people tell me “it doesn’t last” so I guess I’ll let you know in  a few years time.

I know, you’re thinking I’ve got to be kidding and can I just shut up and go back to eating my bowl of carbs that I wipe up with carbs (spaghetti and garlic bread). Hear me out as it’s often a case of “we all want what we don’t have”. I’ve had strangers say to my face that I’m too skinny. One lady even proceeded to point at the conveyer belt in the supermarket and remark “that won’t fill you up” to a banana that I wanted to eat after my lunch that I hadn’t bought yet. And guys who tell me that if I worked out with them I could have an amazing body. That they know how much I should eat and how they would like to see me. Instead of just linking me the way I am.

Then you get it at work from girls and it’s sometimes just a look that makes you feel uncomfortable. Often saying “your so skinny” to someone can be on the same level as “you’re so fat”. I try to build more muscle and eat more because I’d love to have a butt and bigger boobs and amazing legs but my body just doesn’t run that way.

That’s why women shouldn’t judge each other, as they say when you point the finger there is always three pointing back at you.



Shopping Bare – Weekends without makeup

I noticed something today in the supermarket. There is a trend you can see amongst women. It can be seen most likely on a Sunday, and early, definitely before midday. If you’re there around this time you can catch em’ all. And I don’t mean the characters from the mobile Pokémon Go craze.

I mean, women wearing no makeup. It’s amazing, all the grocery stores and markets filled with women sporting their bare faces. And I say good on you!

Whilst I walk down the isle, an infrequent makeup wearer, one lady looked at me as if to say “oh do I look that bad” and turned away immediately. And I am secretly thinking “bet you don’t look like that during the week” and “yeah, now we are even ladies”.

So fellas, if you’ve got your eye on someone this could be one for you. If you’re not so good with the “is she wearing makeup or does she just apply it really well” look, perhaps you should casually bump into her shopping for the week’s groceries on a Sunday morning to check out the situation.

My question, is why don’t we do it more often? Who really cares what you look like shopping for groceries, unless your trying to impress Francesco who works behind the deli counter. And your not trying to pick up a potato. Although some days, I think i’d have a better chance than with some men.

That’s all from me, let me know your supermarket discoveries.

– MyMotorMouth